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We work with diverse and at risk young people, and provide industry standard training in Film & TV Production & Games Design

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  • There are approximately 1.2 million young people unemployed costing the taxpayer approx. £70 million/year
  • Our work takes place in the London wards which have the highest poverty ratings and highest unemploymnent
  • Many out of work young people have been failed by traditional education, they need a new approach
  • We can get young people out of unemployment at a cost of £1000 per person.


  • All our attendees gain in employable skills, confidence and inspiration
  • 30% of our attendees go on to work in the industry or go into further education
Why do we need funding to help contribute to this?

Public Funding has been severely cut in recent years, forcing many youth centres and employment services to close. Young people are in need of help otherwise they will face a life of unemployment or at worse a life of crime. Our services push them through to a life of employment and inclusion. But we need financial assistance in sustaining this.

Attendees & Outcomes

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