Our Young People

Gerald Shimidzu

Directors:  Gerald Shimidzu

Screenwriter:  Gerald Shimidzu


Gerald Shimidzu joined our very first film workshop which was held out of The Albany in Deptford. He was possibly one of the quieter members of the group and one that I worrried might not stay. He recalls that I called him the night before they were due to pitch their story ideas, and I encouraged him to do so. Well, the rest is history in that he did pitch his story idea, the group voted unanimously for his story and it was filmed, with Gerald as the writer/director.  

Prior to the joining the workshop Gerald was long term unemployed, but the workshop gave him immense confidence.  He subsequently went on to sit A'Levels and is presently in his last year of university.

In that time he has directed 4 short films and 2 features as well as working on numerous others.

He is one of our success stories.

Khalid O’Beirne

Directors:  Khalid O’Beirne

Screenwriter:  Khalid O’Beirne


Khalid O’Beirne was introduced to us by an organisation working with those at risk from gang involvement.  He was a keen member of the group and his script was chosen for production.  Khalid is very outspoken on the needs of young people and how they are conveyed as being ‘animalistic’ (the title of his film) and he would like to play a role in changing that perception.  He is keen to be a director of the organisation to assist us in youth engagement and paths to employment and further education.

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