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Consists of 8 consecutive Saturdays rolling throughout the year.

Each session is taught by an award winning professional.


  • Story Development

  • Screenwriting

  • Production

  • Camera & Sound

  • Directing

  • Shooting the actual Film

  • Editing

  • CV& Careers Day


Each session is taught by an award winning professional.  Through the process the students learn how to create a story, how to research and source locations, how to audition actors, how to shoot a film and edit it.

All members take part in producing one film, and they all get their names on the credits which acts as their showreel.


We also have links to Further Education (university) and apprenticeship jobs.




Consists of 6 consecutive sessions on Saturdays or Thursdays rolling throughout the year.


Professional games are created in either 2D (using Gamemaker) or 3D (using Unity and 3D Animation).


The course is taught by a self made gamer who is also a graduate of St Martins School of Art.


We also have links to further education (university) and apprenticeship jobs.


If you are interested in taking part in any of these courses please email


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