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Our Staff

Production & Youth Manager

Kate Herron has been a producer of both documentaries and films for over 15 years, and has worked for organisations such as the BBC, CH4 and in New York, HBO, Discovery and A&E.  She has produced several films including “The Truth” and “A Perfect Human”.  Through this Kate has met many talented filmmakers, coming from diverse groups, who are then employed to engage with young people on the workshops. Kate is dedicated to giving young people a chance in life & exploring their hidden talents.

Kate Herron

Production/Youth Manager


Paul Brewster has worked in the film exhibition arena for many years, working on many well known film festivals such as Sundance, Toronto, Sheffield and the London Film Festival. He has worked managing the volunteer groups. So he brings film and volunteer experience to the organisation.  Paul also worked for many years at the Albany Theatre in Deptford and was instrumental in running many youth activities there. He therefore, also has experience of working with young people.

Paul Brewster - Director

Sue Michalides works as a Children’s and Families worker in North London and brings to the organisation much experience in dealing with children at risk and knows the issues faced by young people.  She is also familiar with youth engagement and community outreach as well as the necessary case studies and paperwork required for evaluation.

Patricia Herron is a previous employee of Westminster Council working in their finance department.  She brings to the organisation experience and skills in managing the finances and accounts.

Pat Herron - Director

Gerald Shimidzu attended The Screen Community’s first workshop.  He became the first to have his script chosen and he took this through to production. This instilled in him the drive to take A’Levels and he is now in his final year of university studying film. He has continued to be an active member of our organisation helping out on subsequent workshops.  He is keen to be a director of the organisation and will be assisting us with youth engagement and workshop plans.

Gerald Shimidzu - Director

Khalid O’Beirne was introduced to us by an organisation working with those at risk from gang involvement.  He was a keen member of the group and his script was chosen for production.  Khalid is very outspoken on the needs of young people and how they are conveyed as being ‘animalistic’ (the title of his film) and he would like to play a role in changing that perception.  He is keen to be a director of the organisation to assist us in youth engagement and paths to employment and further education.

Khalid O'Beirne - Director

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