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Student Films

Directors:  Gerald Shimidzu

Screenwriter:  Gerald Shimidzu

Genre:  Drama


"RAGS TO RICHES" written and directed by first time writer/director, Gerald Shimidzu, this short film tells the story of young Sam, who is a gymnast training to take part in the British Olympics.  The trouble is his father believes gymnastics is for sissies and pokes fun at his boy.  Sam is also slightly dyslexic, and his father also pokes fun at this.  After a heated argument one afternoon, his father throws Sam out of the house, forcing Sam to walk the streets of South East London.  He is befriended by a local tramp who confides in Sam to make up with his father and go home.  






Directors:  Scott Taylor

Screenwriter:  Scott Taylor

Genre:  Drama


“CITIZENSHIP” written by first time writer/director, Scott Taylor.  This short film idea was developed by the group, as one of them had experienced the situation of having to prove their citizenship. And so they developed with our screenwriting teacher, Kolton Lee, a story about a couple who were divided over immigration issues.  Scott Taylor was appointed as the writer and director. 

Directors:  Khalid O’Beirne

Screenwriter:  Khalid O’Beirne

Genre:  Drama


“ANIMALISTIC” was a story created by Khalid O’Beirne.  Khalid approaches the writing process from a comedic angle so he always wanted to create something funny.  His idea come out of the fact that he feel society looks on young people as though they are animals.  And so he wanted to create a story that showed a young person who would rise above animalistic behaviour and choose the higher road.

Directors:  Michal Keyamo

Screenwriter:  Michal Keyamo

Genre:  Drama


“EXAM” was a story created by Michal Keyamo and chosen by the whole group.  In this workshop many of the attendees were quite young so they were instrumental in the development of the story and they were also keen to act.  Michal was a very keen director and saw the film through the edit and completion.


Directors:  Yasser Abubeker

Screenwriter:  Yasser Abubeker

Genre:  Drama


“U” was a story created by Yasser Abubeker at very short notice, due to one of our other scripts falling through.  Yasser jumped at the challenge and created this consise and funny story.  The whole group rallied around to make this is a successful production at short notice, with one of the attendees offering to film in her parents home.  Yasser was instrumental in being the creative vision right through to the end.  He also saw the film through to its final edit.

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